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Seller: Shenzhen Ambition Electronics Co., Ltd.
Name: Shenzhen Ambition Electronics Co., Ltd.
Type: Trader, Seller, Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturer, Producer
Business: Other unclassified,
Products: Inverter,

Ambition of Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, specialized in the research, development, manufacturing, frequency converter, is a joint venture high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen. Ambition

gathered a group of companies has long been engaged in motor control theory, power electronics technology, computer control technology of the outstanding senior engineers, in 1998 the successful launch of the leading domestic level of AMB-G5 series of general-purpose frequency converter to Good cost performance, welcomed by the majority of customers, quickly occupied the market in the Pearl River Delta region, is widely used in all walks of life, is energy-saving electrical and automation technology extremely helpful.

2001-to-market years of AMB-G7 inverter series, the design discipline, easy to use safe, stable and reliable operation has become the main alternative to imported China-made inverter.

letter is committed to bringing peace to the power electronics and control technology products, AMB-G9 series of high-performance vector control inverter has been on the market in 2003, Direct Torque Control of AC Servo System AMB-G11 series of R & D work The completion of their different series, a variety of specifications of the products will be sufficient to meet customer demand.

Ambition 90% of the company's employees with specialist skills, products with independent intellectual property rights, we strictly enforce the ISO9001 standard to ensure product quality, in order to uphold the integrity, cooperation, the principle of mutual benefit in the face to all customers.

Markets: Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, Western Europe, Southeast Asia,
Clients: A variety of businesses, factories
Country: China
Established: 1998
Employees: 201 - 300 people
Inquiry: inquiry@forade.com
Address: Shenzhen City, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Che Kung Temple, Trade and Industry calm on the third floor of 211 Park
Zipcode: 518040
Contact: Miss Xu Shuangyu ( Self-employed)
Telephone: 86-0755-12345678
Fax: N/A
Cellphone: 13751107895
Web site: www.ambiion.com.cn